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Teknik Özellikler
 Model Genişlik Çalışma Derinliği  Ayak Sayısı  Güç (Hp)  Ağırlık
Royal X7 2400mm 60-350  7  85-100  1200
Royal X9 3100 mm 60-350  9  105-125  1400
Royal X11 3800mm 60-350  11  125-145  1600


The ROYAL 2 is a cultivator with two rows of tines equipped with non-stop spring security. The soil is processed up to the depth of 35 cm and thus can replace ploughing. Excellently incorporates plant residues into the soil, at proper operating speed even better than 3-row and 4-row machines. The tine cultivator ROYAL 2 is a very versatile cultivator designed for post harvest stubble-breaking or for cultivation up to the depth of 35 cm. The final quality of work is also substantially influenced by the levelling discs behind the shares. These discs do not only level the soil after shares, but they also create a soft surface structure. This is due to the optimized tilt of the discs that creates the effect of placing larger clods into the ridges after the share and brings soft crumbled soils up to the surface. -High working speed up to 12 km/h. -Low traction resistance and excellent mixing of the soil due to the optimized design of ploughshares. -Excellent permeability for plant residues.



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