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Teknik Özellikler
 Model Genişlik Ayak Sayısı Derinlik Ağırlık  Güç (Hp)
PT-3 150cm 3  50 cm 900 kg  65-100
PT-5 240 cm 5  50 cm 1250 kg  80-120
PT-7 300 cm 7  50 cm 1500 kg  110-140
 PT-9  350 cm  9   50 cm  1800 kg  135-175


TARIMOZ T-PT series subsoilers dedicate many advantages: easier farm management in field preparation and long term benefits on soil health. Particular subsoller tillage guarantees:

· It ploughs deeply

· It breaks the eompoeted loyers

· It keeps the organie bolonee

· It helps the woter droinoge

· It oxygenotes the soil

· It retoins moisture

· It makes the soil structure uniform

· It increoses the worh output

· It helps to save energy.

· Common operating element of all machines is the strong depth shank: its body is tightly linked to the frame. Work peformed by all its components is always an excellent tillage; bolted on configuration always allows quick and easy replacement of worn out or damaged parts.

· The range of the T-PT Subsoilers is divided into: Mechanical and Hydro Pneumatic. Hydro-pneumatic subsoilers T-PT-HYP, a hydraulic system mounted on each shank makes it possible to avoid obstacles and guarantees the maximum elasticity.



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