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Teknik Özellikler

Roller Diameter

Working Width

Road Width



T-DMT 3200

510 3200 3400 1350 50-65

T-DMT 4000

510 4000 4200 1550 55-75

T-DMT 6000

510 6000 2300 3400  90-100


T-DM-KT and T-DMT series rollers are especially suitable for additional pre-sowing soil processing, restoration of soil capillarity, crum-bling of clods and surface levelling. They are also suitable for the soil processing after sowing   more uniform seed emergence and acceleration of vegetation.

T-DM-KT and T-DMT has robust design. High-strength refined materials used for crucial nodes to ensure long service life.

Due to minimum of adjusting and lubricating points the operation and subsequent maintenance are very easy steps that anybody can perform. It has self-cleaning steel rings. It ensures A perfect levelling effect and compaction of the fields.



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